Date Syrup

I recently acquired some dates for an energy bar recipe I had and since I had leftovers I thought it would be fun to see what else I could do with this fruit.  I admit I was once a person who shied away from dates.  They were the odd one out in trail mixes.  That was until yesterday, when I bit into one solitary date and realized “Wow, this is good, this is actually really good”; then I was hooked.  “You could make this into a syrup!” I exclaimed to my family and then I began to see how I could make this thought possible.

Turns out that date syrup has also been called “Vegan Honey”  and when you taste it, you will be able to see why.

Here’s how you do it:

You take as many dates as you want and put them a pot.  You then pour enough water to cover them. When the water has boiled for 5 minutes, turn the heat down and let it simmer for 30-60 minutes.  When your dates are super soft and have started to break up. Turn the heat off and let your mixture cool.  Once it has cooled, place it in a blender and blend until smooth.  Once it is smooth, remove it from the blender and if there are any small pieces left, let your mixture go through a sieve.  Your date syrup is now done and ready for use in a variety of recipes 🙂


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