Smoked Salmon

For today’s lunch, I made had a smoked salmon burger. For the smoke flavor I used Trader Joe’s South African Smoke Seasoning Blend. I picked up the seasoning blend yesterday and since then I have been thinking about other foods I can smoke 😊.


Besides the smoke seasoning blend, I also used fresh cilantro, cayenne pepper and some fresh black pepper as well. I combined this blend with a spoonful of all-purpose gluten free flour, an egg and a can of wild salmon.

I shaped the salmon mixture into burgers and cooked them in a lightly oiled skillet on medium heat until both sides were golden brown.

After the burgers were done, I placed one of them on a bed of gluten free bread that was lightly moistened with mayonnaise.



A New All-Purpose Option

Last week, my grandmother stopped by and brought me a package of gluten free flour. When my grandmother brings me flour I can usually expect something like coconut flour, millet flour or brown rice flour but this package was different. It was a package of gluten free flour from Trader Joe’s!


Trader Joe’s All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour is a classic blend of brown rice flour, potato starch, white rice flour and tapioca starch. It has a fine texture like wheat flour, and it makes great pancakes. I have yet to try it for other baked goods, but I think it will perform well.