So, you might be wondering why is this blog called Gf Mostly Vegetarian?  Why be middle ground when you can go all the way?  Well, this is kind of an extension of an experiment I started in high school.  I tried to go vegan for a month; it lasted two weeks.  Why, you might ask, because I got sick and lost too much weight.  This was when I didn’t know I was gluten free but the idea of trying some type of plant based diet stuck with me.

Fast forward to college,  I’m a chipper young girl ready to take on the world; consuming wheat, meat and staying away from my various food allergies, but I notice when I don’t eat wheat I feel rather decent.  I ran cross country for three years during college and it was during my senior year, during cross country season, that I realized that something was really was not right.  It was during spring of that same year, and after graduation, that I visited my doctor and received bloodwork and began a gluten free diet.

Is GF Mostly Vegetarian, a diet fad?  No, this is an attempt at creating an environmentally conscious lifestyle.  Meat, for now, is consumed but in a moderate basis. When I think of eating meat, I think of a conversation I had with a man I met at the Catholic Worker, a place I volunteered at during the summer of my junior year. We were sitting at the table eating a dinner of chicken and vegetables and he said “Good thing you came on Saturday, Saturday is when we have chicken.”  This brought to my mind that meat is something to be enjoyed as a special meal for special occasions. And why shouldn’t be?  Meat was considered to be the stuff of those who were affluent; maybe it would be better to see it as a luxury and not as a necessity .

Fruits and vegetables are to be eaten in season and if possible, gathered from local sources.  I live in an area where I have access to multiple farmers markets but I know this is not available to many people, hence eating in season is something everyone should be able to do and it is good not only your wallet but also your taste buds.

If the above sounds interesting to you, I invite you to hang along for the ride and eat well while doing so 🙂